Admissions 2020/21

The deadline for applying for a Reception Year place for September 2020 was 15 January 2020.  Allocation Day was 16 April 2020.


Therefore, if you have still not applied please complete the Late Submission form which can be found in the Downloads section or contact the Admissions and Appeals Team on 01902 551122 or email via


Admissions 2021/22

The determined admission arrangements for 2021/22 are available in the admissions policy which can be found below.


Admissions Policy 2021/22


The deadline for applying for a Reception Year place for September 2021 is 15 January 2021.  Allocation Day is 16 April 2021.


Admission to St Martin's Primary Nursery does not guarantee admission to Reception.

In-year admission into primary schools is arranged by the Local Authority. Application forms are collected from, and returned to the Civic Centre in Wolverhampton. Once allocated to St Martin's Primary School, you are invited into school to meet with the Headteacher to discuss the next steps prior to admission and there will be an opportunity given to the child and parents to meet the class teacher and children in their age group.

If the total number of children seeking admission to any one year group exceeds the admission limit, the Local Authority will allocate places on the basis of the following list:

  • Children who are siblings of children already attending the school at the time of admission
  • Children who have medical or with social reasons for attending
  • All other children, with those living closest to the school by the shortest walking distance getting the highest priority.


 Wolverhampton School admissions can be found by clicking the logo below.